Feeling a little cloudy about cloud based services?

Our professionals are experts on how to implement cloud based services to help your small-business run securely and efficiently. From Office365 to full blown hosted solutions in a data center, we’ll architect the perfect cloud solutions for your network.


Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our cloud infrastructure services makes use of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platforms to transform the way business networks operate. These are highly customized solutions and that can be easily expanded to alleviate your need to invest heavily in hardware that requires physical office space.


Virtualization Services

Our virtualization services takes outdated hardware and transitions it into a highly available and fault tolerant system to drastically increases your business’s ROI.  We’ve vetted the best technology partners so we’re able to lower your total cost of ownership, increase efficiency, and provide a more stable network. We have virtualization services for any small-business.

Hosted Email

Hosted Email

Hosted email can be simple with Office 365 and the full suite of Microsoft products backed by a multi-billion dollar network at one low cost per month. Migrating your business to a hosted email platform might be a better solution than owning expensive software that requires constant upgrades. Hosted email solutions also have fantastic file sharing, video conferencing, and customized collaboration intranet sites to improve how your staff works day-to-day.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage for Business

When it comes to cloud storage for business, there are so many flavors and options for securely storing your data. Microsoft, Google, Autotask Workplace, Dropbox, etc.. The list goes on and on. How will you decide? We can help guide this important decision by selecting the best strategy to meet your business needs.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup for Business

Continuity and disaster recovery should be the first item on any cloud backup for business check-list. Having a multi-tier cloud backup strategy is monumental in ensuring data is accessible, resolves quickly, and restores accurately on-demand. We have proven cloud backup strategies and partner with only best vendors to provide the most dependable cloud backup for business services.