IT security services are like insurance. If you don’t have it, you’ll eventually wish you did.

The fact is, most businesses aren’t sure whether their IT security services are actually protecting their networks … or whether their data can even survive a disaster. But, the truth is … a security breach or failed disaster recovery plan will be devastating long past the actual incident. Together, with our proven processes and strategic partner relationships, we’ll work to ensure your business data remains safe, secure, and accessible. Our IT security services team is here to help avoid cyber threats and protect your business when an incident occurs.

IT Security Facts

  • In 2011 72% of data breaches analyzed world-wide were at companies with 100 or fewer employees.
  • A professional hacker can hack a 6 character all lower case password in 10 minutes.
  • By Q2, 2012, web-based malware infections at businesses were up 400% over the previous year.
  • Only 18% of businesses run antivirus software designed specifically for business.
  • Just 3% of businesses train employees on safe workplace Internet usage.
Firewall Management

Firewall Management

Our firewall management services help with the proper documentation and maintenance of your firewall according to industry specifications and standards. The goal of this service is to keep the highest level of security while simultaneously maintaining user productivity. This may require the purchase of a new firewall if your existing device is unable to reliably and consistently block current cyber threats.

Antivirus Management

Antivirus for Business

Antivirus for business is not about making software updates and calling it good. However, antivirus software is one of the most important pieces of your network. Our support tools and team of professionals will make sure that your antivirus programs are optimized and up-to-date.

Spyware Management

Spyware Prevention

Successful spyware prevention requires the right combination of tools, professional experience, and processes. Anti-spyware software is a great secondary defense to outside attacks; however, our team will manage the necessary processes to enhance your current security defenses. Whether you have an integrated spyware prevention solution within your antivirus software, or a 3rd party application, we’re here to help!

LAN\WAN\Remote Access Management

Remote Access Management

Remote access management of switches, hubs and patch panels will keep connectivity in your organization optimized. Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions are usually designed for multiple sites (such as remote offices). This is usually done so that remote employees are  able to interface with a corporate office via direct connection or via Internet service provider (ISP) with two gateways managing a connection via an IPsec VPN. We’ll analyze, plan, implement, and troubleshoot these solutions to increase your workforce productivity while adhering to the highest security standards possible.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Planning

Disaster Recovery Services

IT disaster recovery services should work to prevent data loss. And, data loss is often very preventable if the proper backup, restoration, and monitoring processes are in place. Whether you have some or none of these processes in place, we’ll help develop and fine tune them to ensure a smooth recovery of data is possible and doesn’t cost your business it’s reputation.