Sub-par IT support services don’t have to be a “fact of life”.

We’re not your typical IT People … and we don’t provide mediocre IT support services. We believe that part of solving an IT issue is making sure issues are resolved quickly and ensuring those same issues don’t repeat themselves in the future. We partner directly with the best software and hardware vendors to give provide industry leading IT support services and make sure your network is as stable and reliable as it possibly can be.

Connectivity Management

Wireless Network Management

Wireless network management can be challenging due to fast-paced technological changes. Internet connections and productivity often suffers as a result of contracts that need to be closely monitored. And, not knowing what is available as a solution can cost your business unnecessary dollars. We’ll help review your contracts, schedule audits with vendors, and negotiate rate reductions whenever possible to ensure your network is never outdated.

Purchasing Advice

Technology Procurement

Technology procurement services will eliminate the challenges associated with buying new equipment. The marketplace is saturated with competitive products, all claiming to be the best. However, truly knowing what products are the best for your business and will fit your budget will provide you with tremendous peace of mind. We’ll help guide you and recommend the best path to purchasing new equipment so that your business objectives are met and exceeded.

Communications Management

Telecom Management Services

Our telecom management services are designed to save you money and improve product features. The bottom line is that telephone rates and the wide availability of VoIP have created an enormous cost savings potential … regardless of the size of your company. We can help by examining and reviewing your telecom expenses. We’ll also coordinate an in-depth evaluation of your current telecommunications costs to determine the best way to reach substantial cost savings while simultaneously improving product features.

Outside Vendor Management

IT Vendor Management

IT vendor management is necessary when networks (large and small) have many moving parts and pieces. The challenge associated with managing all of the hardware, software, and support procedures can be overwhelming. We’ll document all of your IT vendor support numbers and procedures so that a single phone call to us will expedite any potential issues without wasting any time.