Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing Helps Increase Profits

If you own a small to medium-sized business (SMB), moving to the cloud can reduce your technology overhead while leveling the playing field against big business rivals. Here are several ways cloud computing can increase company profits.

Cloud Computing Reduces Technology Overhead

If your company subscribes to a cloud service provider—say, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or—the provider essentially assumes all the maintenance for that part of your IT infrastructure, reducing the need for and cost of keeping an IT presence in-house. According to a study by Rackspace Hosting, the majority of businesses that move to cloud computing see cost savings and increased profits.

Similarly, cloud providers typically offer a predictable and economical pricing model, many offering plans that allow you to pay just for what you need and use and no upfront costs. In addition, your business no longer has to worry about keeping hardware and software licenses up to date, reducing or even eliminating infrastructure costs.

Cloud Computing Improves Security Posture

Many businesses—especially those in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and banking—have been reluctant to embrace cloud computing. Certainly, your business will give up some control by moving to the cloud, but if you choose an experienced, established company like Microsoft, AWS, or Oracle, you’ll find that its security posture and policies may be even stricter than your own.

In addition, cloud service providers keep their systems up to date with the latest security and software updates and patches, giving you peace of mind that your business is using tools that are as secure as they can be. Similarly, should your business be struck by disaster—physical or cyber—you can rest assured that your tools and data are safe in the cloud and accessible to you and your employees.

Cloud Computing Increases Efficiency Through Enterprise-Class Tools

Cloud computing gives SMBs the chance to compete against their enterprise competitors because it gives them access to the same enterprise-class tools the “big boys” use—tools that would otherwise be too expensive or require more configuration and maintenance than the typical SMB can afford to provide. According to research in the Harvard Business Review, three-quarters of small businesses feel that the cloud gives them a competitive advantage.

Cloud computing also gives SMBs access to big data and cloud-based big data analytics that would ordinarily require hiring or contracting with data scientists. With a better understanding of their data, market metrics, and the like, SMBs can capitalize on trends for greater efficiency and success.

Cloud computing offers SMBs many of the benefits previously reserved for their big-business competitors. The cloud computing experts at All Phases IT can help you make a smooth, secure transition to the cloud and make you a much bigger fish in an increasingly small pond. Contact us today to learn more.