What is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

Security is a challenging task for businesses of all sizes. If your business embraces mobile technologies and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the challenge grows exponentially. With a cloud access security broker (CASB) solution in place, however, your business can keep its data safe and give your employees the flexibility and access they need to get their work done.

What Is a CASB?

A CASB is a kind of gateway that monitors network traffic flowing between your devices and on-premises servers and your cloud services provider’s infrastructure to ensure that it complies with security policies. A CASB can be either a software application or a cloud-based service.

How Do CASBs Work?

CASBs are proxies between your company and your cloud services provider. CASB vendors vary in their architecture but generally offer one of two proxy mechanisms:

  • Forward proxy. These proxies work for any cloud application, but if your business embraces BYOD, a forward proxy CASB can pose considerable IT headaches. Because all data pass through the proxy, you must configure proxy settings on every device and firewall in your organization as well as create self-signed certificates for each cloud service (e.g., your business uses.
  • Reverse proxy. This proxy mechanism is similar to a virtual private network and a much better choice than a forward proxy if your company has embraced cloud computing. Reverse proxies are easier to use and don’t require the firewall and device configuration that forward proxies do.

Managing Shadow IT with CASB

People are always looking for more efficient ways to get their work done. Unfortunately, that search for a better way may lead them to use cloud applications (e.g., Dropbox, OneDrive) that your company hasn’t approved. CASBs can discover these shadow IT applications and services, some even assessing the risk of such services and applications to your business. When you know the services and tools your people are using, you can better assess the tools they may need and provide more targeted training on how the use of unsanctioned tools can pose a risk to your company and its data.

CASBs are the future of cloud computing security. The cloud computing experts at All Phases IT can help you discover the power of CASBs and determine which is right for your business needs. Contact us today for a free 30-minute IT consultation.