Top 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas

Tech the Halls – Top 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas

If you have employees or family members who are tech lovers, the holidays are the perfect time to show how much you care. Your friends at All Phases IT have assembled the ultimate list of geeky-gadgets. Use these top 2016 holiday gift ideas for employees, family members, or drop a hint to Santa for your own personal benefit!

The Top 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas

#1) Wearable Tech

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas shows us a lot of cool—and crazy—gadgets. In the wearable category, two items caught our attention:

  • The first is the Sphero Force Band. Toymaker Sphero introduced a toy Star Wars BB-8 ‘droid that users can control from their smartphone. In time for the holidays, however, Sphero is replacing its smartphone app with the Force Band. With the Force Band on your wrist, you can control BB-8 with gestures—just like a real Jedi.
  • The second winner is the WeGo, a Swatch-like fitness tracker from French company Withings. Retailing for $79.95, this little tracker boasts a minimalist design, an always-on e‑Ink face, and a battery that can last up to eight months.

#2) Tech for the Home

Of course, big-ticket tech is a gift for everyone in the house. Here were a few of our standouts:

  • Several new TVs will be available for the holidays, including the world’s biggest TV, the Samsung 170-inch SUHD TV. At 12 feet, this TV really will put you at the 50-yard-line of the Super Bowl!
  • Alarm clocks. As anyone who has pets can tell you, few things will wake you up faster than your sense of smell. This is the driving concept beyond Sensorwake, a digital olfactory alarm clock that uses the scent of your choice to rouse you in the morning. Scent cartridges include mint, the seaside, and croissant.
  • No home is complete without smart appliances. One new refrigerator caught our eye: the Samsung Family Hub. The Family Hub looks like a giant smartphone, with cameras showing you pictures of the refrigerator’s contents.
  • And don’t forget the furries in your home. CleverPet offers a smart treat dispenser that we can only say is like Simon for your pet. Fido accesses treats by touching the correct colored pad.

#3) Drones, Drones, and More Drones

No gift-giving bonanza is complete without a drone, and there are several new options available! We particularly liked:

  • Onagofly Nano Drone. This small follow-me drone features obstacle avoidance and live streaming.
  • Parrot Disco. This sleek drone may not be as maneuverable as a quad-copter, but you can fly your GoPro on your own airplane.
  • Hexo+. This little drone features six propellers for the ultimate in maneuverability.

Don’t forget to forward these top 2016 holiday gift ideas to your representative at the North Pole (or whomever is responsible for shopping). We wish you a very happy beginning to the holiday season – from everyone here at All Phases IT!