Virus Signs

3 Signs Your Device has a Virus

Malware is disturbingly easy to download. Even with strong security protocols in place, an employee casually surfing a shopping site over lunch can innocently click on a wrong link and … bam! You have a virus infected computer on your business network. However, knowing the signs of malware infection can minimize the damage to individual computers and your network.

Virus Symptom #1 – Those Darned Pop-Up Ads!

Pop-up adds are annoying under most circumstances, but if your computer or tablet suddenly becomes inundated with these little gems, you can take it as a sign that you have malware—specifically, spyware. To combat them (and the malware they may hide), be sure not to click any link in a pop-up add.

Virus Symptom #2 – Can’t Log In

A virus that disables your system and prevents you logging in is a variety of ransomware. If you’re on a Windows device, you can typically restart in safe mode and run your antivirus software or even roll back to a pre-infection restore point. You may not get all your data back—ransomware typically encrypts data on the affected device—but you can restore everything from your backup. You did back up, right?

Virus Symptom #3 – Slow Internet Connection or Sluggish Applications

Malware of any kind tends to slow down your device or Internet connection. Unfortunately, many other issues can produce the same result, including lack of RAM, running multiple resource-intensive applications, or even just using old hardware. It’s important to rule out other potential causes of the slowdown before settling on malware as the culprit.

I Have Malware. Now What?

The first step—if you’re able—is to run your company antivirus software to see if there really is a problem. It’s typically a good idea to run it a few times and to run it in safe mode. You should also disconnect the device from your corporate network to isolate the virus and prevent it spreading to other computers and network-attached hardware.

Finally, call a pro. The Managed IT Services experts at All Phases IT can help. We even offer onsite support if we can’t resolve the problem remotely. Contact us today to see what we can do to keep your small business running smoothly.