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Welcome to the All Phases IT blog!

We’re excited to announce that All Phases IT has officially launched its brand new blog – a resource to help Denver business professionals harness the power of technology to drive business growth! We’ll deliver weekly, relevant technology insights direct to your inbox from our IT experts to keep your business moving forward. Below are some of the topics we’ll be covering in the weeks ahead:

Creating Business Growth with All Phases IT

We all know that technology is driving our economy – and you know it’s driving your business. There is nothing more important than learning how to leverage technology as a resource to create financial growth. In most small business environments, this will mean consulting with a managed IT service provider (MSP). According to a study conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), forming a relationship with a trustworthy MSP can greatly impact your ability to grow in the following ways:

  • Cutting IT Costs – many companies have discovered that IT costs are lowered after hiring an MSP. In fact, the IDC study shows that expenses are reduced by 24% on average.
  • Optimizing Staff Productivity – when partnering with an MSP, organizations are able to optimize staff time and internal resources. IDC cites average productivity gains of $20,155 per 100 users annually.
  • Optimizing User Productivity – working with an MSP makes it possible to speed up critical business processes by reducing unplanned downtime. The IDC study estimates productivity gains of $203,111 per 100 users annually.

Preventing Growth Blockages with All Phases IT

There are several core vulnerabilities that can unexpectedly cause your business to come to a screeching halt. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Every business professional should be cautious of the following items:

  • Outdated Software – many organizations run outdated software that is difficult to update or is no longer supported. In the weeks to follow, we’ll be discussing how this can lead to unanticipated problems, bugs, and/or downtime that can cost your organization revenue.
  • Outdated Hardware – sometimes a business will continue using old (“legacy”) machines and hardware in attempt to save money. In the coming weeks, we’ll be explaining the adverse effect this has on network infrastructure and the associated business implications.
  • Lack of Scheduled Backups – backing up your data and information is not optional. If technology issues arise and your data is lost without a back-up, it’s gone forever. We’ll also be covering this topic and its impact on your business in the weeks ahead.

Our objective is to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed technology decisions. All Phases IT is here to empower you and contribute to your business success. You’ll be receiving value-packed updates, full of information that you can use on your own. Think of our team as a resource that can help you understand where technology is going in terms that business leaders can understand. No technobabble, just simple tips.

All Phases IT can resolve your technology issues when it matters most – before they occur. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation and evaluation of your current IT management practices. We’ll show you how our team can save you time, money, and make your job easier.