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The Technology Behind the Pour

The Denver tech community is comprised of one of the United States’ largest populations of beer enthusiasts. Countless breweries and drinking establishments have sprung up to serve this vibrant, fun culture. As the Denver Brewery Guide notes, “Beer has evolved to a connoisseur-level art form thus increasing its appeal to a wider variety of tastes, moods, events and attitudes.”

In keeping with Denver’s unique approach to beer and brewing, self-serve tap houses are becoming increasingly popular in the area. Part of what sets these tap houses apart is the technology behind the pour.

Self-Serve Tap Systems

Self-serve tap systems could well be the dream of bar owners everywhere. In a nutshell, patrons are given an electronic wristband or card upon entering the bar or tap house. Then, they’re free to sample whatever beer they like, with the system keeping track of the amount of pours and the dollar amount left on the card or wristband. The variety the system presents appeals to Denver tech and craft beer enthusiasts alike, who often enjoy sampling many varieties and flavors of beer. Self-serve market leader iPourIt, whose system is used in more than 1,100 bars and tap houses across the country, charges by the 1/10th ounce, making sampling even more appealing. Another leader in the self-serve beer market, PourMyBeer, has been featured on Food Network, CNN Money, and Bloomberg.

The appeal of self-serve to bar and tap house owners is big, too. Owners can reduce the number of staff needed to run the establishment by half or more, and the system’s efficiency means less waste from spilled or unsold beer. According to iPourIt, bar owners who installed the iPourIt system saw an average revenue increase of 39 percent.

Experience Denver Tech and Self-Serve for Yourself

As it did with craft beer, the Denver tech community is embracing the self-serve model. Locals and visitors alike can experience self-serve at two locations:

  • First Draft. Boasting the largest self-service tap room in Colorado, Denver’s River North–area First Draft features 40 taps and charges by the ounce.
  • NATIV Biergarten. This 20-tap bar and restaurant features a Colorado craft beer wall and food from celebrity chef Aaron May.

Technology can be your biggest asset, especially on a Friday afternoon after a long work week. If you’re looking for a Denver tech partner for your business, come meet All Phases IT for a complementary beer at the NATIV Biergarten. Pour your own draft and learn how our managed IT services can help with your technology and cloud needs.

Contact us today if you want to meet for a complementary beer … or two. We hope to see you soon for happy hour!