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6 IT Support Service Issues That Irritate Employees

Your IT support provider has the potential to either (a) make office life super easy, or (b) make office life extremely frustrating. This experience will ultimately vary depending on the attitude and business practices embraced by your IT support service provider. However, support issues are compounded by negative and dysfunctional tech support teams, leaving your employees to pick-up the pieces. And, you will hear about it in no uncertain terms. Here’s a short list of the top six most irritating IT support issues and how to eliminate them:

The 6 Most Common IT Support Service Issues

  1. Slow Networks or Computers. Few things will upset a workforce more than slow network speeds or computer systems. If your employees are complaining of latency, web pages that time-out, or computer systems that crash, be sure to address these issues. Check your router settings, eliminate sources of interference with your company’s wireless signal, or shut down applications that run in the background (taking up valuable processor cycles).
  2. Remote Connectivity Issues. If you have remote workers or telecommuters, making sure they can access company resources outside the office is essential to their productivity and effectiveness. Nothing results in more calls to the help desk than a remote staff member who can’t access the corporate network. Remote connectivity issues can stem from something as simple as incorrect firewall settings to problems with your businesses virtual desktop infrastructure.
  3. Uncommunicative Upgrades or Updates That Change the Way Systems Function. Before you make changes to widely used software or hardware systems, be sure to talk with your employees about the impending changes. Consider rolling out updates on a group-by-group basis, or enlist the help of “software champions” to pilot the new system and lead training sessions to minimize issues.
  4. Technology Problems with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Other Vendors. Your employees rely on services, hardware, and software to do their jobs well and efficiently. If your ISP or technology vendor is falling down on the job, you should reassess those relationships and evaluate a new IT support service immediately.
  5. Ransomware, Viruses, and Other Cybersecurity Threats. The annoyance and fear your employees feel when they encounter a cybersecurity threat is nothing compared to the risk it poses to your company and its data. To keep your employees and your business data and reputation safe, make sure your staff understands how to recognize and report common threats such as phishing scams.
  6. Inefficient Systems That Duplicate Processes or Tasks. If you want to kill productivity fast, just make sure to use inefficient processes and tools. Otherwise, to keep things running smoothly, take the time to think about internal technology protocols and make sure people follow them.

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