Outsourced It Inhouse It

Why Outsourced IT Should Support Inhouse IT

Whether you own a small-business or help run a multi-national corporation, the fact is: your organization will rely on IT vendors at some point, in some capacity. Even if you have an inhouse IT department, there are various reasons to consider supplementing your staff with an outsourced IT provider. It’s simply par for the course.

Outsourced IT vs. Inhouse IT Support

The decision to staff or outsource isn’t always as straightforward as you may think. After all, “IT” means more than just keeping your desktop computer current with the latest operating system, security patches, and software updates. You must also consider the technology behind your website, your social media presence, your human resources functions, and your marketing efforts. If you’re looking for help on a website redesign or hardware upgrade, for example, outsourcing may be your best bet. Working with an outsourced IT professional will give you the ability to:

While outsourcing IT functions can be extremely beneficial, there are a couple of items to be aware of when planning:

  • Finding and vetting the right IT consultant for your needs or project can be time-consuming
  • While costing less in the long-run, IT consultants tend to cost more per hour in comparison with the inhouse IT hourly rate

The Best of Both Worlds

Needs vary. For instance, if your IT needs are project specific or seasonal, outsourcing is the way to go. You might need surge support during the holiday season. Or, perhaps, you would like to put a system of checks in place to gauge the performance of your inhouse IT department. As with any decision to outsource an IT function, it may be more cost-effective, productive, or reliable to outsource specific business functions rather than using in-house staff to perform those tasks. Often times, the best option is a hybrid approach that combines inhouse IT and outsourced IT resources.

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