Best Business Cell Phone

Best Business Cell Phone? Get to Know Google Pixel

To say that business has gone mobile would be a huge understatement. Business is mobile and has been for years; however, most mobile phone manufacturers are still failing to meet the demands of business users. Problems range from almost no battery life to insufficient data storage. There seems to be no shortage of disappointment, so what is the best business cell phone? Until recently, Google has only talked about joining the smartphone market; however, the wait is finally over. Here’s why you should get to know Google Pixel and consider purchasing it as your next mobile device!

Best Business Cell Phone for Assistance

For years now, iPhone has been the “go-to” smartphone, in part because of its digital assistant, Siri. However, Google has been working on a digital assistant, as well. The culmination of that effort is Google Assistant, a product of artificial intelligence and machine learning that makes the version of Android on Pixel unique among Android-based devices.

A hallmark of Assistant is that it is more visual than either Siri or Microsoft Cortana. When you launch Assistant—either by long-pressing the Home button or saying, “Okay, Google”—it presents a list of tasks it can perform. Similarly, it will answer your queries within the context of relevant Google searches. So, what’s the drawback? Assistant is still a new product and doesn’t always integrate well with third-party apps; however, that will undoubtedly change as the technology matures and the app marketplace adapts.

Best Business Cell Phone for Updates

Timely updates to the Android operating system have been a problem for Android phones since their introduction, largely because carriers like Verizon don’t want to deal with testing each update alongside of Google releases. With Pixel, that delay may be over. Google’s preferred carrier, Verizon, has promised “not to meddle” with updates, making the update process similar to the one it uses to update iOS devices. If you decide on an unlocked version of Pixel, Google says that those devices will be updated at the same time as their Verizon counterparts.

Switching to Google Pixel Is (Relatively) Easy

Switching platforms or even devices on the same platform can be daunting. To make the process as easy as possible, Google offers the Quick Switch Adapter. Simply connect your old device to your Pixel with the adapter, move the SIM card from the old device to the Pixel, and Google walks you through the migration. There is one caveat: If you’re deeply invested in the Apple platform—iCloud Photo Library, Apple Watch, DRM-protected media in iTunes, and the like—you will hit roadblocks. All in all, however, the process is relatively quick and painless.

First Class Customer Service and Support

If you hit roadblocks along the way to enjoying all the Pixel has to offer, Google is there to help with its new Care by Google offering. Customer service is available 24×7 right on the Pixel device (tap the Support tab in the Settings app), and you can even share your screen with a Google customer support rep for fast resolution.

Google offers two versions of its new phone—the Pixel and the Pixel XL—with prices starting at $649. According to it’s website, the Google Pixel has a battery that lasts all day, it comes with unlimited storage for pictures, and securely syncs with G-Suite and Google Drive for added convenience on the go. If you’re considering Pixel for your next business phone, contact All Phases IT today for help with your purchasing decision.